How to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard via the control panel?

This tutorial will show the steps for logging in to your WordPress admin dashboard via your SiteCountry hosting control panel. How to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard? This option will allow you to access your WordPress admin dashboard directly from your SiteCountry Control Panel without explicitly providing a username and password. To access … Read more

How to change nameservers at SiteCountry?

In this tutorial, we will see how to modify the name servers for your domain name registered with SiteCountry. In order to change your domain name servers, follow the steps below: Go to and log in to your account if not already. Choose the domain name you would like to update. Click on ‘Nameservers’ option. Click … Read more

How to change the PHP version of your website through Control Panel

A: Change PHP Version for Complete Hosting Account Step 2: Look for Select PHP version Scroll down and look for the Select PHP version button under the Extra Features section. Finally click on the dropdown and select the PHP version as per your convenience. That’s All! Your PHP version should be changed successfully now. B. Change PHP … Read more

How to install a free SSL certificate on SiteCountry?

In this short article, we will cover how to install an SSL Certificate on SiteCountry Cloud Hosting. What is an SSL Certificate? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are a small piece of digital signature used to link a dedicated organization called an SSL Vendor or a CA (Certificate Authority) to an online business via a cryptographic key pair. This bond ensures encryption … Read more