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Premium Cloud Hosting thats Affordable

We are a managed cloud hosting provider that not just helps but also take care of all your needs regarding your website. We run our services on same infrastructure Amazon,Netflix,LinkedIn uses: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.


Plans that are most suited and recommended for Every user


$0.99 /mo

Public Cloud - built for Running everything and anyting online.

Premium WP


Premium Cloud with CDN, 90+ PageSpeed Guarantee and LSWS


$ 3.99/mo

Ideal for Geeks who want more control on their server.

Why spend more?
SiteCountry is faster!
SiteCountry is cheaper!
Premium Cloud
Starts $5 a month with cPanel.Handle Millions of traffic
Managed Cloud VPS With
cPanel Software

Company? Get it for all your team

Startup I

$ 25 /month
  • 20 User/Clients Accounts
  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • Grade A support
  • 1 TB team bandwidth
  • 100 GB SCDN Bandwidth

Startup II

$ 50 /month
  • 200 Users/Clients Accounts
  • 300 GB SSD Storage
  • Grade A+ Support
  • 5 TB Team Bandwidth
  • 500GB SCDN Bandwidth

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Yes sitecountry is 100% cloud powered platform.We use 100% cloud servers most of which are powered by Amazon Web services.We do use other Popular cloud servers as well like DigitalOcean,Linode,GoogleCloud,Azure in a partial fraction as well.

In Public and Frequency Cloud the setup is instant and takes no time to setup your account.In Reseller cloud the time can vary between 5Minutes to 10 Mins and in All remaining cloud the time can take nearly 20 mins to setup your account and spin up servers,allocate RAM,install OS,addons etc.

Yes we do have a 3 Day refund policy if you want to try our services for free then you can do it easily.Just contact our support team using live chat and we will be giving you free account to test our cloud platform.

Yes you can surely purchase extra and additional bandwidth for your website easily.The rate for bandwidth will depend on your plan.Just raise a suppport ticket or get in touch with our support team and we will allot you the extra needed additional bandwidth.

Servers all over The Globe


Canada Central


Mumbai,Chennai, Seoul,Tokyo, Singapore,Sydney


Amsterdam,Paris Frankfurt,London,

What Makes SC better?

No other hosting provider can match the level of support and And the quality of service we provide to our clients.


Free Migration

Sitecountry provides you instant migration when you migrate from any other hosting to the sitecountry cloud.


Best Support

Sitecountry support team is extremely responsive and friendly.We solve more than 300 support cases with tickts,live chat,whatsapp and over a phone call.


Best Speedy Servers

We guarantee that your website will be available 99.9% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance.

And what we do better?

No other hosting provider does the way we manage our cloud platform.


Sitecountry Booster

Sitecountry Cloud is optimised with its own in-house tools that gives upto 20X better page speeds.


LiteSpeed Webserver

LiteSpeed has far surpassed it in terms of performance, especially for WordPress.


Pure SSD cloud

Our cloud is powered by 100% Provisioned SSD drives that gives upto 20X more performance compare to the normal ones.


Upto 100% Uptime

Checked the Uptime page of sitecountry, Not yet? Then it will amaze you.We are able to achieve maximum uptime of upto 100% which is exceptional.



All our servers are auto-healing and auto-malware detecting.This adds a more security to our cloud infrastructure.


Turbo Servers

Sitecountry was founded in Jan,2021.The same is the reason the tech and the servers used are totally new,faster and more reliable.

Global Traffic Routing with Highest number of Datacenters


We have 3 working datacenters in Asia:Mumbai,Singapore and Tokyo.
These DC are perfect for India.Singapore,Philipines,Pakistan, Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries with average latency of about 5ms.



In Australia we have Sydney as our Backing Datacenter.
We are working on Melbourne Datacenter and shall be bringing it to production very soon.

United States

We do have 5 working Datacenters in Unitedstates.Oregon,Northern,California.
Canada Central,Ohio ,N.Virginia
We are fully active in Unites states and have no pending Datacenters at present.
This datacenter is perfect and ideal for everyone with traffic sources from United States.

Europe and Africa

We have a inter linked nodes of date centers in Europe and Africa which include Ireland,London,Frankfurt,Paris,
We are working constanly in adding more locations as soon as possible.
We OWE Sitecountry

We needed a Extremely stable Team for managing the infrastructure in Order to Meet with the Local guidelines and data policies. Sitecountry helped us build our infrastrucuture in the cloud. We would still be using the local servers if we didnt find them.

Simply Go for It

I have tried many other hostings but trust me, I am very happy with Sitecountry's performance. I have not faced any downtime yet and it is working pretty good. The speed of the server is very important for the success of any website and the speed offered by them is amazing. Sitecountry's technical support is commendable as well. Aditya, from their team, helped me personally to migrate my websites late till night at the time of my requirement.

Firdaus Ansari, Director IIDM,Nagpur(IN)

Made my online life pain-free

Sitecountry really does that what you expect from a reliable hosting. Once we migrated our Websites to Cloud VPS at sitecountry our websites and business applications started working like Charm.

Greg Haldey, Owner of A prestashop store

Sitecountry does the impossible

We had multiple issues in managing our web application as we were attacked and DDOS'd regularly. After consulting with the Advisors and Techs at sitecountry Nitrocket along with sitecountry was able to reduce the attacks by upto 98%

Fastest Ecommerce Cloud

We have seen a massive speed boost on all our ecommerce stores after switching to The Cloud VPS at sitecountry. The cloud VPS are powerful, fast and offer a very scalable infrastructure for your apps.

uses only what top 1% are using